Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner

In this article, we will be reviewing Angry IP Scanner (AIS). Let’s see what this Angry analyzer can do!


As a network administrator or an individual with an interest in ethical hacking, there will be a significant number of times when the need for obtaining IPs from a specific network will arise. In such times, there is a need to locate active ports, as well as allocated IPs in the network. The Angry IP Scanner is, therefore, the best tool to carry out all these tasks. Angry IP Scanner can still be of use to individuals who are not network-administrators by providing them with a means of scanning networks, finding IP addresses of devices, troubleshooting network issues, and assigning static IPs among other functions. With Angry IP Scanner, which is an open-source tool, a wide range of IP addresses can be scanned to discover live hosts and open ports among other relevant information available on every IP address. There is an imperative need for the user to have java installed on the device if AIP is to run on the device. 

Under Angry IP Angry’s Hood

Without the requirement of any form of installations, Angry IP Scanner can easily be copied and put to use anywhere and at any time. Each IP address gets pinged by AIS to examine their current state, if they are alive, it optionally then goes ahead to resolve their hostnames, ports and MAC address etc. information gathered concerning the host can be tweaked and extended with plugins. Other additional features of the AIS includes NetBIOS information which consists of the computer name, workgroup name and the currently logged Windows user, most favoured IP address ranges, detection of web server, customizable openers and many other attributes. 

After results have been scanned, they can be saved in various forms, most of which include the CSV, TXT, XML, or IP-Port list files. While utilizing the plugins available, Angry IP Scanner can collect any information about scanned IPs. Any professional with Java coding skills can write plugins and extensively expand the functionality of AIS. One way Angry IP Scanner doubles the speed needed for scanning is the use of the multithreaded approach; where a separate thread gets created for individually scanned IP addresses. 

A notable and now accepted open-software, which is free to use as well as distribute and modify is found in the Angry IP Scanner. The driving force behind this software is, the form of transparency existing between the code and data formats; they get reviewed by third parties, fostering trust and providing a quality of service that cannot be provided by proprietary software and systems.  

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