Cyber threats in Digital Network

Cyber threats in Digital Network

In this article, we will be talking about Cyber threats and their purpose and what you can do to protect your computer network.


Cyber threats in Digital Network are serious. The phenomena referred to as cyber-threat is the total of every malicious activity seeking to damage, and steal data as well as alter digital life generally. Some cyberthreats include viruses, Denial of Services attacks, among other attacks threatening the safety of the digital world. Cyber threats may also be referred to as the probability of a cyber attack being successful, one that is designed to steal information or/and damage information, likewise gaining unauthorized access to computer networks, as well as any form of highly sensitive data. The origination of cyber threats can be internal; that is, it can come from inside the organization through a trusted user, or external, from unknown parties. 

Where Cyber Attacks Originate

Cyber threats can have numerous centres of origination, some of which include terrorist groups; the use of cyberattacks has been embraced by terrorist groups in their quest to destabilize nations and carry out their unlawful activities. These terrorist groups were however under-developed in cyber attacks reducing their ability to expand their horizon, unfortunately, as more technically sophisticated individuals join their ranks; these terrorist groups now pose a more formidable threat to the world at large. Organized crime organizations and spies are also seen as one of the places where cyber threats can come from; the risk posed by corporate crime organizations and spies is cumbersome, given their ability to organize industrial espionage directed at falsely acquiring secrets relating to trade and orchestrating monetary-theft. The primary purpose of these organizations is profit generation and the disruption of businesses profitability, which involves blackmail, trade secrets theft, and destruction of competitors’ infrastructure. 

Information security threat today is primarily represented by advanced threat actors, some of which include organized cybercrimes, nation-states, and cyber espionage. The discovery of these threats is quite challenging for many organizations due to their hidden nature. 

Defending against Cyber Threats in Digital Network

Practices for individuals who seek to defend themselves against cyberattacks are simple. A breath of fresh air will be to now that in most cases, large security organizations are between customers and cybercriminals. However, some preventive measures that can be taken by individuals include:

Password hygiene: it is almost impossible for security organizations to protect her customers against phishing or hackers who make the lucky guess of 1234 as passwords. Password hygiene and the application of one’s intellect can, however, go a long way in protecting customers from cyber threats.

Anti-virus software: the subscription and up to date installation of anti-virus software can protect users against cyber threats. 

On the other hand, businesses, in the bid to protect against cyber threats can adopt a wide range of advanced technical services on the market that make the installation of defence against cyber danger easier.  

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