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There is an imperative need to rid devices such as mobile phones and computers of bugs on their network traffic to enforce efficient data monitoring. This is why Fiddler has surfaced as a tool with the potentials for debugging the web, one with the ability to record traffic between a device and the internet. Fiddler captures network traffic and strictly inspects every activity on the network, which includes incoming and outgoing information; this provides some sort of alteration to HTTP requests before they arrive at the browser. In 2003 ERIC Lawrence developed the Fiddler software, which was later acquired by Telerik in 2012. This is a free but highly rated debugging proxy capable of utilizing solid event-based scripting with an extension attribute while using any available framework. 

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Accurate transfer of cookies, cache, as well as headers from client to server, is ensured and vice versa. Universally, it supports every framework, and platform, addressing the users’ various needs for testing and running a diagnosis on a website or platform before accessing it. The Fiddler software is hence fortified with features that permit its operation as an HTTP proxy server. 

Notably, Fiddler fiddles with network traffic aside, taking record of data in the course of transmission. The dual nature of this program is one of its attractive characteristics, which include proxy setting and debugging. It supports proxy by logging data from the applications. 

Issues discovered on the client-side can be resolved with the help of this software since offline copies of the sites visited are made, creating images of the browser history that will be made available for offline use. Some robust features of the Fiddler program include its ability to decompress web sessions, which is characterized by its use of HTTP compression to decrease the transmission of bytes between client and server. The decompression of the web session eventually results in about 50% savings for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Web sessions also get manipulated by this attribute; a division can hence be set to hold onto the processing and alteration of the session and the responses as well as requests. 

Fiddler also logs the stream of data flowing between users’ computers and the internet. Traffic can be debugged while using any application that supports proxy. Some good examples of these applications include Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox, among others. HTTP/S traffic recording is likewise enabled coupled with the playback and archive options. Data can also be filtered to hide images and web requests.  

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