Hacking Wi-Fi with Wireshark

In this article, we will be talking about hacking Wi-Fi with WireShark and how you can protect your online usage.


Wireshark is software used to sniff or capture network packet and is also available for free. Wireshark interfaces with 802.11 client card and as such, sniffs 802.11 packets being sent and received on a wireless local area network. Regardless of the good Wireshark can be used to achieve by analyzing network security and data traffic, the wireshark software can also be used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to a wireless network and even go ahead to gain passwords without authorization. 

To utilize Wireshark as a hacking tool, the user must first set up and install the software. Once the user follows the install instructions, Wireshark install would be very easy. On the other hand, one may experience difficulty when sniffing data as a result of the type of network card. Wireshark doesn’t support a few network cards; users can, therefore, see incoming packs alone. In other to hack wifi using Wireshark, we must first configure Wireshark. The proper configuration will involve changing the wireless interface to an 802.11 client device. Click on the capture menu, select options, and go ahead to choose the appropriate interface to change the wireless interface. Once this has been done, we are all set to capture network traffic in other to hack wifi with Wireshark. 

Now, to capture packet in other to hack wifi, click the capture menu and select start. Wireshark is capturing traffic’ will become visible and will continue to capture traffic until the buffer gets filled up. At this point, when you feel enough packets have been captured, open up the capture menu and select the stop option. A detailed summary of the captured packets will be made available thereafter. Once sufficient data has been captured, the next step involved is the analysis of contents in other to read TCP packets; this is an important section, as it is where captured data gets analyzed. The upper panel of the window displays and identifies the source of each packet’s source and destination nodes, the implemented protocol, as well as available information regarding each packet. A specifically needed packet can be selected based on choice. The center panel shows information concerning the selected packet, providing users with the option of selecting a specific packet field. Contents here are displayed in hex or ASCII format. 

Lesson from Hacking with Wireshark

An important lesson or piece of information from this revelation or Wireshark is that people should never use HTTP websites as they are not secure, and take extra steps to secure WiFi network. 

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