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inSSIDer is a tool designed for understanding problems that impact Wi-Fi performance. Issues such as finding the areas with best Wi-Fi coverage and discovering the channel with favorable coverage as well other devices transmitting data in the environment. Coupled with Wi-Spy or Wi-Spy DBx, it becomes possible for inSSIDer to measure noise being generated by non-Wi-Fi devices which can significantly influence the optimal performance of the wireless network allocated to a channel. Measurements of the saturated nature of a channel with both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi devices are found on the channels tab. Details and measurements of surrounding networks are also made available. Some premium tips are given on the Analyse Tab, alerting the user to the issues that may be faced by the users’ network and suggesting an approach on how to fix it. This program is designed to suite network administrators need to increase network performance and avoid guesswork. 

Wi-Fi optimization and troubleshooting software

inSSIDer, as a Wi-Fi optimization and troubleshooting software, takes the discovery of Wi-Fi network to a new level. When anyone takes a quick look at the interface, poor channel placement, low signal strength, among other information, become visible almost immediately. inSSIDer can help users make more scientific information with the data provided about channel and access point placement in other to provide a reliable network. The best channels get displayed to users on inSSIDer, taking the guesswork out of the picture and helps to stop the sabotage of the whole setup by causing the overlap of AP’s. With visual aid, you will be able to see the placement of networks on channels, in other to avoid competition for precious bandwidth with neighbours’ system. Channel-by-channel stats and multiple radios within the same network get handled by inSSIDer’s channel recommendation algorithm. Simplifying and increasing the accuracy of channel planning on a multi-AP network. 

If you manage more than a single access point at any time, inSSIDer helps to view your network from a logical ESSID point of view or through personalized radio in a grouping view that can be seen. Some new features such as network drill down and the option of accrediting alias to access points radios with a new name, the information needed can be viewed by taking a brief look. Also, inSSIDer’s channel recommendation algorithm can now handle multiple receivers within the same proximity on the same network, this, in addition to the channel-by-channel Wi-Fi and RF statistics in the channels view.  

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