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There is always a need for substantial research and a perfect understanding of radiofrequency behavior when performing activities on a Wi-Fi network from which optimal coverage will be required. Wireless site survey presents as the best way to obtain this information as a wireless site survey will reveal channel interference as well as dead zones and will simultaneously be of help extensively when it comes to building a robust network. A Wi-Fi survey is targeted at the determination of how feasible it is to implement a wireless system in a given area and discovering the best locations for access points and other needed equipment such as cables and antennas. When making a priority list for Wi-Fi security analysis, a wireless site survey also takes a front-row seat. NetSpot helps professionals specialized in network security to locate and eliminate rogue access points, identifying unauthorized workstations, preventing the interference of cross-channel, and ridding the network of intrusion alerts that are identified as false-positive. The availability of NetSpot provides us with an option to check security settings and Wi-Fi signal strength. If all these are correctly done, there is a negligible chance of wireless signal spilling outside to give a war driver access. NetSpot is packed with advanced collection and visualization of data which provides users with a sufficient tool and solution for a Wi-Fi site survey. 

Mac and Windows

For Mac and Windows, NetSpot is one of the most comfortable wireless site survey software. With a few clicks, you can load your office plan or area map as the case may be before proceeding with a network site survey. Focus on the area of the map where you are as a first step, and NetSpot will begin measuring the strength of wireless network almost immediately. With this, every information needed to analyze the leakages found in the radio signal, monitor channel usage and locate the access point with the most activity is now available. 

Wi-fi Map

For efficiency, there has to be a hotspot which the Wi-Fi network is connected to appropriately, and the wireless channels must be assigned appropriately. There will be a visual Wi-Fi map displayed on NetSpot to allow users to view all dead zones lacking coverage, optimizing hotspot placements. Channel load can be adjusted, and the mode of utilization decided upon at a later time. 

When the need for Wi-Fi planning arises, NetSpot is also a useful wireless survey tool. NetSpot will be used in collecting wireless site survey data and loading map as well as build a sophisticated heatmap of the network.

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