Network Analysis Online Courses

Network Analysis Online Courses

In this article, we will be talking about Network Analysis courses and general education that is available.


For anyone willing to develop skill in network analysis or have in-depth knowledge and understanding of network analysis, we have collated a list of some of the best network analysis courses, tutorials as well as online certification programs available. Some of these network analysis courses are free, while a few others are to be paid for. Not to worry, these courses can be taken by beginners, people with average knowledge on network analysis as well as the experts. 

An introduction to Network Analysis in Python 

This particular course is specifically for beginners and is available on DataCamp. If you have a dream of becoming a network analyst or something similar to that, this is a high starting point for you as this course is famous for equipping individuals with the skills required for visualizing, analyzing and having a good understanding of networks. With the dynamic NetworkX library, you will be committed to studying the process involved in smearing the concepts to real-world network data. Also, this network analysis course will, in a fashionable way help individuals grow and improve their thinking skills in relation to network, teaching them to view data from a new perspective.  

This network analysis course is designed by Eric Ma; an MIT employee specialized in solving big-data problems in biology. During the duration of this course, every query and complaint as regards the course content will be resolved by the instructor. A certificate will also be awarded after course completion. Some of the critical things that should be expected in this course are; an introduction to the basic concepts in network analytics in the course of navigating through a real-world social media dataset (specifically twitter), enlightenment about Network X library which gives the user the permission to analyze, manipulate, and model graph data while gaining access to numerous graph types. Also, you will learn the variety of possible ways to point out nodes that are of maximum importance in a network, likewise learning the foundation of path-finding algorithms and gain access to multiple learning tools such as assignments, video lectures, and graded quizzes, all of which will contribute to you learning the skill of a network analyst. 

Network Analysis in R

For tech enthusiasts willing to learn the art of visualizing and working with network data as well as the activities involved in igraph package, then this course from DataCamp is just the right network analysis course for you. Some properties of this course entail entities that will see individuals learn the way of network plotting and their attributes as well, coupled with the process of identifying essential vertices and other functions. A significant amount/number of structures will be covered in the duration of this network analysis course, some of which will include cliques and triangles, among others. Various lectures which are visually represented, graded assignments, and quizzes, as well as many other materials designed to help interested parties will be contained in this online course. The basics and fundamentals of social network analysis, simultaneously learning the implantation and utilization of igraph R package in the study of network data, will be addressed in this course alongside the identification of the particular kind of relationship that exists between vertices making use of metrics such as assortativity. Students will also be indulged in the exploration of network partitioning, at the same time determining the level of relation vertices posses alongside one another. 

Network Analysis in the Tidyverse

For individuals who have found zeal for social networks, information networks, as well as the neural operating mode of the human brain, this course on network science would provide a lot of actionable knowledge. This course will grant you the opportunity to acquire a specific skill set and bear witness to a vivid demonstration of network analysis containing several R packages, some of which include igraph, and dplyr. In addition, visual presentation of lectures, informative and productive assignment and quality contents will be utilized to assure that students learn practical lessons. At the end of the network analysis online course, participants would be able to conveniently assess, and analyze network with fundamental similarity in measures, furthermore creating an attractive and interactive representation of network visualization. 

This online network analysis course can start individuals’ journey to becoming a network analyst and will involve:

  • A total of four fortified chapters, focusing each on a specific network analysis topic including network hubs, connection patterns, as well as similarity clusters, to mention a few.
  • Learning the process of network visualization in different forms using graph packages, and how to compute degree and strength, which are two crucial measures of centrality in network science. 
  • Learning how to utilize centrality measures on ties, likewise the method of network visualization, pointing out connections in possession of high betweenness centrality. 

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