PRTG Network Monitoring

PRTG Network Monitor

In this article, we will be talking about the world-famous network protocol analyzer PRTG Network Monitor. After this read, perhaps you may look differently at the way in which you are currently monitoring your network.


The Paessler is notable for its unified attribute as an infrastructure monitoring tool. It is designed to manage network as well as servers. This tool exhibits maximum efficiency when utilized for infrastructure management as well as services of network monitoring. Using PRTG, users can monitor network devices such as routers, software, access points and cloud infrastructure among others while maintaining finesse and simplicity at the same time. Updated version of this program is fortified with more modern dashboard, containing analytics-format displays. Performance has also been tweaked ; streamlined main menu, likewise, more on screen information has been attempted by Paessler AG with an exemption of clutter. UI is also very much responsive in addition, meaning, self optimization is activated for whatever device is in use. 

PRTG Breakdown

 Two major tasks are covered by the network monitoring segment of the utility. These tasks include monitoring of network performance, which is responsible for examining the current state of network devices, and the second task, known as the network bandwidth analyzer, covering the movement of traffic across the links in the network. This second part of PRTG is put in play by utilizing four distinctive packet capture tools which are packet sniffer, NetFlow sensor, sFlow sensor, J-flow sensor. 

For the PRTG packet sniffer, headers of traveling packets alone are captured across the network. Giving the packet analyzer, an advantage in speed as well as the reduction of total needed storage space needed to store captured files. Traffic is categorized on the dashboard of the packet sniffer based on application type; which includes web packets, email traffic, app traffic data and volume of file transfer packet. NetFlow is a widely used messaging system for data flow, created by Cisco systems, however utilized for other equipments by other manufacturers. The PRTG NetFlow is built with a sensor that picks up IPFIX messages of which its messaging standard is an IETF-sponsored successor to NetFlow. Relatively, the J-flow has similar messaging system to Juniper Networks. It is the responsibility of the sFlow standard to sample traffic movement, therefore collecting all nth packets. Continuous streams of packets are captured by Netflow and J-Flow. 

Advantages when using PRTG

Some advantages of the Paessler PTRG network monitor include the performance data summary presented by the hierarchical device view. Also, sensor and QR codes relating to specified devices can be printed out and coupled with physical hardware in other to enhance monitoring from a mobile app. 

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