The need for Network Analysis

The Need For Network Analysis

In this article, we will be talking about the need for Network Analysis and what steps you can take to carry it out.


The 21st century has brought about numerous advancement in technology that has created a crucial need for assessment of network activities; Network Analysis provides an all-round graphical representation of the multiple links between the available entities. Safe to say, network analysis is a graphic representation of analyzed data in the generation of actionable insights from results displayed in graphs. This is a technology that gives room for tailored search that helps in discovering available popular opinions and connections, as well as the ones that aren’t famous. Analyzing network data provides you with the opportunity to see what is beneath the surface of the network as well as every other activity that might be of concern to anyone in any area.

Network Performance Monitoring

Network Performance monitoring functions as an examiner for poor performance across a network, providing the tech team with a chance to fix this issue(s). Enterprises have embraced the culture of implementing network performance monitoring tools to discover problems affecting the network’s performance. That is however, just one of the various uses of network performance monitoring, of which individuals and organizations can take advantage. Network monitoring can also; provide actionable knowledge that can help tech teams understand the activities of the network. To unlock these levels, users must analyze network performance data. For the determination of network performances, an NPM tool must effectively have the ability to collect, examine, and provide reports relating to network data. The absence of network analysis makes it impossible for the NPM to provide experts with the required information and insight necessary to ensure efficient operation of the network. 

Need for Network Analysis – Advantages

The need for network analysis is a result of two significant advantages: real-time and historical network performance data and network performance reporting. NPMs are fortified with the ability to capture network data in real-time; simultaneously, they can store performance information for future analysis. These two data points are crucial, given that they both have insights into the history and present activities of the network performance. With the help of these two metrics, network teams can see and feel the root of the network performances instead of just knowing the mode of operation of their network. Before the network team can analyze performance data, data must be reviewed; likewise, insights gathered by the NPM tool. Hence, NPMs are capable of generating network reports after data analysis has been performed.  The reports presents a summary of networks overall performance. 

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