What Wireshark Does

Wireshark is an open-source network protocol analyzer. It lets you see what’s going in your network at a microscopic level. 

The Wireshark development team recently announced the newest release, Wireshark 2.0, of their popular network traffic analyzer application. This version adds a long list of new features for users and developers, including support for nanosecond time stamping on Windows and macOS and updates to numerous dissectors and other improvements all over the place. You should download Wireshark if you want to run or learn how to use this tool:

History of Wireshark

Wireshark was initially released in June 2006 as Ethereal, but the name was changed later on due to trademark issues. It is considered one of the best open-source network protocol analyzers available today. Wireshark offers protocol analysis, deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, and live capture. Other features include advanced filters, numerous color-coding options, VoIP analysis, standard three-pane packet browser, file captures for offline analysis, and many more.

Wireshark is easy to use even for beginners because of its powerful filtering system so that you can focus only on a particular type of packets or errors etc… One way to set up a filter is by clicking Analyze menu then selecting the “Apply as Filter” option, which opens a dialog box that allows users to create a new filter or edit existing ones. Another helpful feature worth mentioning is that you can run Wireshark as a root user and capture packets without any limitations.

Operating System Support

Wireshark supports various platforms, including Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X, and Windows. It includes other useful features to analyze traffic, for example, remote capturing or live data alteration, which allows users to modify live captured traffic from Ethernet header detail down to the application data. Wireshark can analyze all types of network protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP/IP, IPX, etc… In addition, it provides support for hundreds of protocols like DHCPv4 or IPv6, etc. You can also use the Wireshark tool on networks that include switches and hubs because it lets you see packets traversing through them.

Wireshark is very popular among network administrators who need to troubleshoot various types of problems within their networks, but anyone can use it for learning purposes or testing protocols. Wireshark supports numerous filters, allowing you to filter out packets based on specific criteria to find all packages that match your requirements easily. This feature makes Wireshark one of the best tools for packet capturing and analyzing even in environments that include multiple protocols running simultaneously.

Why Use Wireshark

One of the most common reasons computers are attacked online these days is because users don’t update their systems regularly, thus leaving them vulnerable to the latest threats like worms, etc… However, with Wireshark installed on your computer, you can scan all traffic passing through your network and find out if a computer on your network is infected with any malware that attempts to send data over the Internet.

Wireshark also lets you capture or edit packets even if they are encrypted, which means users have the option of removing encryption from HTTPS traffic, for example, so that they can troubleshoot problems associated with content delivery systems as well as protocol implementations, etc. In addition, it provides support for dozens of file formats so you can easily import captured data from other tools such as Network General Sniffer without having to convert it.

In addition, Wireshark is constantly being improved so developers can add new features and fix existing issues. They are always open to suggestions regarding improving Wireshark features because they believe in the constant development and improvement of network protocol analyzers. It is one of the most popular open-source packet capturing and analyzing tools available today.

Final thoughts about Wireshark

Wireshark is the best network protocol analyzer made for everyday use by anyone who needs to scan traffic on their local computer or their networks. Still, it can also be used in commercial environments like ISP’s that need to troubleshoot problems-involving protocols, etc. Wireshark provides support for numerous platforms so users can run it no matter what operating system they use. It offers a lot of filters that let you focus only on packets that match your requirements, and its live data alteration feature allows you to modify captured packets live from Ethernet header detail down to the application data without losing any information. Download Wireshark Here.

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