How to Use Wireshark

In this article, we will be show you how to use Wireshark.


The process of network traffic profiling and packet analysis is in motion by Wireshark, an open-source tool for these functions. Machines capable of performing these functions are generally referred to as network analyzers, sniffers, or network protocol analyzers. Wireshark was formerly known as Ethereal and can be used to examine every detail embedded in network traffic at several levels, which could range from information on the connection level to bits of intelligence responsible for creating a single packet. Wireshark’s purpose majorly is to allow the user to view and assess the numerous chains of activities occurring on the captured network. When a packet is obtained, the network administrator is provided with a stream of information concerning individual packets such as time of transmission, source of the transfer, protocol type, and the header data. In the evaluation of security events, and when they need to troubleshoot issues of network security devices, this information comes in useful. 

In the use of Wireshark, information is displayed typically in three panels. The top dashboard visualizes individual frames, presenting the most valuable data on a single line. When users select any single frame, it gets further explained and visualized in the tools middle panel. 

In the display section, packet details are shown on Wireshark, giving an explanatory visualization of how one can understand various sections of the frame as part of the data link layer, transport layer, and network layer. The bottom pane of Wireshark gives a visual of the raw structure, coupling a hexadecimal rendition on the left-hand side since Wireshark can also be used as a tool of malicious practice which eavesdropping, any organization adopting its use must have a structured privacy policy that points out individuals rights when using its network, control permission for sniffing traffic for troubleshooting and security problems and also states where the organization stands in respect to the obtaining, analysis and retaining of network traffic samples. 

Another essential purpose of Wireshark is the ability to filter data traffic. Capture filters collect on the type of traffic the administrator is interested in, and the display filter will assist in zooming in on the traffic targeted for inspection. This network protocol analyzer, Wireshark, provides its users with a variety of tools, which include the search tool such as regular expressions and the attribute of colored highlighting, which makes navigation and information search more comfortable.  

In some cases, the best way to find unusual traffic is to have a capture of everything on the network and establish a baseline. 

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